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Trees and plants, in general, are being used by the planet as one of the ways of keeping its temperature constant. A normal tree can evaporate almost 38 L of water daily, acting as a natural air conditioner for it’s surroundings. So trees, are important not only for their ability to keep the carbon dioxide in check, but also to keep the atmosphere at a lower temperature (through evaporation).

However, when the level of carbon dioxide is too high, it makes the pores from which the leaf perspires to close, hence making the entire process slower than usual. A study made by the researchers from Carnegie Science Institute, SUA, shows that more than 1/4 of the warming caused by the high levels of CO2 from the atmosphere is due to this effect.

These effects were known for a long time, according to the co-author of the study, Ken Caldeira, from the Global Ecology Department. Together with their colleague Long Cao, they saw that there isn’t too much light shed on the case that carbon dioxide can harm the planet, and through its effect directly on the plants.

Some older studies, made by Chris Field and Joe Berry, also from Carnegie, have indicated that the effects are major: “There is absolutely no doubt that carbon dioxide decreases cooling through evaporation of the plants and that this slow cooling process adds up to global warming”, said Cao. “This effect might have caused a significant warming even if carbon dioxide wouldn’t have been a greenhouse gas”.

In their model, the researchers have doubled the carbon dioxide concentration from the atmosphere and have registered the warming’s magnitude and geographic model through different factors. What they’ve discovered regarding the warming up of a certain area, was that on a planetary scale, the effects of plant’s evapoperspiration occupy approximately 16%, and the green house effect the rest. In some regions however, like parts from North America orEast Asia, these effects can represent more than 25% from the total warming.

“If we think that doubling the carbon dioxide causes 4 degrees Celsius extra, in a lot of places three from those degrees come from the carbon dioxide effect from the atmosphere, and one comes from the direct effect it has on plants.

The model presented by the Carnegie researches shows that the excess of CO2 will increase in most areas. Water that comes from different forms of precipitations will not pass thorough it natural process of evaporation within plants, and will flow directly in streams and rivers. None of the older models have provided surface flows as being caused by the changes of evapoperspiration caused by the high levels of carbon dioxide.

Studying the way plants respond to different concentrations of carbon dioxide, might help climatic predictions, and improve the representation of different climate models on the globe.

hese reduce electric bill tips should help you reduce your electricity bill once and for all. They are easy to implement and guaranteed to save you money.

1) Switch Off – A simple reduce your bills tip is to go around your house and look at every item you have on standby. How many do you find? The little lights may not use that much energy on their own but when you add up all the little lights and consider that hey are on 24 hours a day, this soon adds up.

2) Do It Once – One of my favourite habits is boiling the kettle, forgetting about it and boiling it again. So an easy reduce electric bill tip is by simply by only boiling what you need and using the water after one boil, you can save quite an amount on your bills.

3) Light What You Need – Do you turn lights off when you leave a room or do you tend to leave them on for hours on end? If you leave them on then you could easily cut your lighting bill in half by switching them off. Another easy reduce electric bill tip is to only put the lights on when you need them – if it’s a bright sunny day then turn them off.

4) Switch To A Cheaper Supplier – If you’ve been with a supplier for sometime then another reduce electric bill tip is that that you can switch money by switching to an alternative. The best time to do this is just after everyone has changed their prices just to make sure that you don’t switch just as the supplier is about to put up their prices. There are several online comparison services which will help you find a great deal.

I bet you have been in the same situation like me, when you get your bills and you see that HUGE electricity bill and your eyes almost pop out. As I said, this had happened to me several times until one day I got really frustrated and made some research on how to reduce electricity bill. And I found 5 effective different ways to do it and I will share them with you.

1. Turn off the lights
Even if I were alone at home and I was watching TV I kept my lights turned on everywhere, in the same room, in the kitchen, in the corridor and even in other rooms that were closed. Really, who needs all those lights? So if you have any unnecessary lights on, go turn them off right now! I’m serious!

2. Do not use electricity to heat water

Electric water heaters consume an awfully lot of electricity. Probably the smartest move here would be to get yourself some solar water heaters. You can buy them or make them yourself anytime. Surf the net to find out how to make them, it’s not hard and it should really help to reduce electricity bill.

3. Be smart using home appliances
Another bad habit that I had was not to turn off the radio but to turn down the volume instead, but it still kept consuming electricity. Also do not forget to turn off the TV not only by remote but even on the main, also if you leave your PC even for a minute switch off it’s monitor, don’t forget about speakers and DVD players.

4. Use programmable thermostat

It will reduce electricity’s waste while you are asleep and it can really help to reduce electricity bill.

Separately these 4 ways do not save a lot of electricity, but by combining them you can reduce electricity bill by up to 40%. But those ways have a slight minus, you have to develop yourself new habits and for some of us to reduce electricity bill up to 40% isn’t enough. And that brings me to the fifth one.

5. Use green energy
By having your own mini solar or wind power plant can help you to reduce electricity bill to up to 100%. And you even do not have to develop any new habits. Ain’t it great? It is probably the ONLY guaranteed energy saving way that can reduce electricity bill for a long period of time which doesn’t require any new habits.